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Dynamite Solutions founded by Dinakar Jagadish Rao in June 2019, is an attempt to revolutionize the entire mindset of an individual using scientifically proven techniques to perform at the optimum level. To empower people and to trigger the power which is already there in the people . Just like a dynamite rips apart whatever comes in it's way, similarly people must rip apart all the limiting beliefs they have about themselves.

Our target audience is for people right from the age of 8 to 80 years old. We cater schools, colleges, corporates, homemakers, old age people.

Dinakar Jagadish Rao

Founder | Director

Our Services

Emotional Intelligence

Handling Emotions

By intelligently handling emotions, you will be able to deal with difficult people, handle the conflicts efficiently and relax in any situation.

Personality Development

improved focus

Know yourself properly so that you can have sense of direction, improved focus,fulfilling relationships and overall sense of achievement

Sales Training

Boost The Revenue

Get trained in sales, so that you will close more deals, reduce your cost, boost the revenue exponentially and increase the market size.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

General Principal

Learn NLP so that you will gain self-confidence, control over unhealthy habits like smoking, overeating etc and conquer learning disabilities for a student.

Law of Attraction

Better Health & Wealth

We can attract good health, wealth, people, situations and much more by accurately following the Law of Attraction.

Spoken English

Learning Techniques

Using simple but very powerful English learning techniques you can excel in interviews, connect with new people all over the world and acquire lot of knowledge.


October 19, 2020

Why Training is important?

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Dinakar Jagadish Rao

Founder | Director

August 10, 2020

Focussing on Problem or Solution

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Dinakar Jagadish Rao

Founder | Director

August 20, 2020

Power of Passion

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Dinakar Jagadish Rao

Founder | Director